Why Should My Child Learn to Code?

Technology is all around us. Whether you are an app developer or an English professor, you will utilize technology in your daily work. Awesome Inc exists to take your child's screen time and turn it into career-skill time. Our courses increase communication, public speaking, organization, and social skills in a fun learning environment.

Coding Should be Fun!

Your kids will love learning to code while building video games, mobile apps, and websites!

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Keep your Kids Engaged

Your kids will have the support of our instructors - professional coders just a step, or a click away!

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Start your Coding Adventure

Coding is like a choose-your-own-adventure for kids who love technology! They’ll have a blast developing their skills as they move through the specially designed pathways our team has created.

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Something for Everyone

Whether your kid is just starting out, or perfecting skills, this is the place for your child to learn to code. We have kids of all different ages in the club. Some of the best learning happens when an older student helps a younger one understand a concept. They both become stronger from it.


Coding Club Camps

  • Immersive environment
  • Builds confidence
  • Find new friends with similar interests
  • From coding to outdoor activities and hilarious games
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