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We exist to create and grow high tech startups. We do this by hosting community events, leading technology education courses, and offering a shared workspace environment. Click one of our initiatives above to learn more about Awesome Inc.

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Our Core Values

Here at Awesome Inc we not only work by our core values, but live by them too.

Upcoming Events

Join us and be a part of the startup community!

Coding Courses

Made for any level


The Coding Club offers students an opportunity to learn how to code from professional software developers and to do it with like-minded peers.

Week of code

Introduce your kids to coding through interactive and fun activities. Join us to spark your child's interest in tech and empower their future.


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Pitch your idea

Pitch Your Idea

We offer outlets for your idea to be heard. Share your idea with us or learn more about events that promote entrepreneurship.

accelerate your startup

Accelerate Your Startup

Our Fellowship Program is mentor-driven, designed to accelerate your high-tech startup.

Showcase entrepreneurship

Showcasing Kentucky Entrepreneurs

Discover the impact that Entrepreneurship has made in the Commonwealth.

Software Development

Let us create custom software for your business

app and web development

Mobile Apps + Websites

Our expert team of web developers build websites and mobile applications that are fast, secure, and easy to maintain.

software development consulting

Software Consulting

We make clients part of our streamlined process by facilitating reviews and planning sessions during all parts of the development cycle.

software development consulting

Graphic Design

Our UI/UX design services transform your project, increasing user satisfaction, reducing development costs, and delivering a high ROI.

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