A mentor-driven program for Kentucky based startups

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What is the Fellowship?

A mentor-driven program designed to accelerate Kentucky’s high tech startups. The program supports startups for up to one year by providing metrics accountability as well as design, videography, development, legal, and accounting services.

How it Works

The network I've developed through the Fellowship program includes some of my most trusted advisors as well as my lead investors. Josh Lau
Our company took advantage of all of the services. They were incredibly helpful and well-timed for us. Kirsten Moorefield
The Fellowship Program has been an incredible resource in Kentucky as WeatherCheck grows. Our team utilized many of the resources offered while we were in the program. Demetrius Gray

Our Approach

Fellowship Program Approach
Our Fellowship program provides:
  • Access to our network of over 85 mentors
  • Web development, video, and graphic design services
  • 24/7 Access to Awesome Inc co-working space
  • Access to pro bono legal and accounting services

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