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Learn to code in 16 weeks, get a job as a web developer.

The Web Developer Bootcamp is a 16-week, full-time training program for aspiring software developers. We’ve worked with companies throughout the region to design a curriculum to prepare you to dive into a career in software development. This intense training program is designed to quickly take you from the basics of programming to a level of competency in building modern web applications. With over 500 hours of hands-on training, you’ll gain experience while building 10+ projects using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Heroku, GitHub, Agile, and more.

Learn to code and make websites and mobile apps

Participants are expected to be fully invested in the training process for a 16-week period. At the conclusion of the program, participants will be ready to interview with regional and national employers for the opportunity to earn a full-time position at a competitive junior developer’s salary.

What our alumni are saying

Brett Fraley Bootcamp Fall '16
Front End Engineer, ITHAKA / Artstor

Bootcamp Alumni

"Over the last two weeks I have used every little bit of experience from Bootcamp, in some way. And I was able to go from a paragraph description from a client to a deployment-ready web application involving teams, team captains, payment gateway APIs, logging and tracking admin, image uploads, signup invites, social media event link invites and shares - all in a new language and framework. All this practically all on my own.

There's no way I would have been able to figure any of it out or do so well, without Bootcamp."

Landing A Developer Job

Alumni from Awesome Inc’s Web Developer Bootcamp have found their first developer jobs with a variety of great employers in Kentucky and beyond.

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100% of the alumni from our first Bootcamp cohort (Fall ‘16) landed jobs in the software development field within 6 months of completing our program. Applications are open for our next Bootcamp.

Paying for Bootcamp

To help make a career change more accessible for our students, we offer a variety of payment plans to fit your budget. Once you've been accepted as a student, a $500 deposit holds your spot in your selected cohort.

Payment Plan Months Total
$500 / month 25 $13,000
$995 / month 12 $12,440
Up-Front - $11,500


Employers around the country are experiencing a shortage of well-qualified software developers, and Kentucky is no different. While there are several possible responses to this need, many regions have benefited from intensive training programs called Developer Bootcamps. The general model is a 3-month program, in batches of 10-20 students, with a curriculum for full-stack web development jobs. Bootcamps are taught by experienced software developers (10+ years industry experience), with a focus on quickly moving from basic skills to project experience. High job placement rates (close to 100%) are the target for these programs. Successful programs are highly selective of their applicants, typically targeting college graduates and experienced professionals in their 20s, 30s, and 40s looking to make a career change.

Our ideal applicants are professional men and women who are looking to transition into a career in software development. This program is not for everyone. Like all Awesome Inc initiatives, we've built this program on the foundation of our Core Values. CV #2 (Be Excellent) is a big part of this program. We expect that many of our candidates will have deep experience in a related field, such as graphic design, math/finance, or project management. Some applicants will have prior programming experience, maybe a class back in high school or college, but many will not.

Most of our applicants reside in Kentucky, and desire to live and work in the region after Bootcamp. Since our 16-week program is full-time (8am - 5pm, five days per week), our candidates must be willing to sacrifice other commitments (such as outside employment) to focus on learning for that duration.

Tuition for the Bootcamp is $11,500. Financing and flexible payment plans are available. Once accepted, a $500 deposit is due to confirm your spot in the program. If the only thing keeping you from participating in the program is finances, please contact us and we'll do our best to work with you to find a solution.

Yes. Through employer partners such as APAX Software, partial scholarships are available. Once you've applied for the Bootcamp, please fill out the scholarship application for more information.

Our next Bootcamp cohort (Fall 2019, i.e. F19) has classes from Monday, September 16th - Friday, December 6th. The application deadline for the F19 cohort is Friday, July 12th.

The Spring 2020 cohort runs February - May 2020, and applications for S20 are due in December.

Our curriculum provides what we and our employer partners see as necessary skills for a junior-level software developer. First, we'll help you learn how to learn (seriously, there are some lifehacks you'll wish you had during college chemistry class). Then we will start with programming and computer science basics, dive into the building blocks of web pages (HTML, CSS, JS), then get into the server side of web applications (databases, SQL, Python/Node.js/Ruby/PHP, web frameworks, AWS), all with plenty of exposure to modern development systems and tools (Git, GitHub, Agile, TDD, UI/UX design). Through all of this, our focus is on making real, working software projects. We can print off a certificate for you at the end if you're the sentimental type, but this experience is really about making things, working with a team, building your project portfolio, and networking with the local developers and companies who we hope will be your future co-workers and employers.

As software development is a rapidly-changing field, we update some our specific technology offerings for each cohort. A few past offerings:

Fall 2018: JavaScript, PHP, VueJS, Laravel
Summer 2018: JavaScript, PHP, VueJS, Laravel
Fall 2017: JavaScript, PHP, VueJS, Laravel
Summer 2017: JavaScript, PHP, AngularJS, Laravel
Fall 2016: JavaScript, Python, AngularJS, Django

There are two reasons. First, we want to hit the ground running on week one. Our students start with different prior experiences, so we want to make sure everyone is starting at (nearly) the same spot. And we want that spot to be somewhere beyond absolute zero. Our program is an intense 12 weeks, but without the prework, we couldn't fit in all that you'll need. Don't worry, Bootcamp week 1 will include a review of material you'll be covering on your own during Prework.

Second, one of our Awesome Inc co-founders is a physician and an author. As such, Dr. Luke Murray has interviewed hundreds of medical students from across the country. These are people who have spent their whole lives focused on becoming doctors, starting with high school biology classes, volunteering to help sick kids, all the way through taking the MCAT and getting into medical school. Something odd that Luke noticed was this: many medical students never _tried being a doctor_ until it was too late. Maybe they didn't like seeing blood, or maybe they were no good at talking with patients. We like to get this out of the way early. Maybe you don't actually like programming, or maybe you're way better at graphic design or video production. Again, our program is not a good fit for everyone, so the Prework helps you to figure this out.

The Intro to Web Development is a part-time, evening course that covers most of the Prework content, with the added benefit of an in-person instructor.