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Team Alpha

Want to expand your graphic design portfolio? Get hands-on experience creating illustrations and graphic designs with the latest technology. Apply to the Awesome Inc Internship program now!

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Software we use:

  • Adobe Photoshop CC
  • Adobe Illustrator CC
  • Adobe InDesign CC
Team Alpha at STLP

Who We Are

Team Alpha is a group of talented interns that work with each other to help make Awesome Inc a better place. There are no age or time restrictions, we just require that you follow our core values

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Why We're Awesome

Team Alpha currently has around twenty members. Team Alpha's leader, Emily, is way more fun than any other boss you'll have. Our video team gets to hang out with millionaires, like the Dippin' Dots inventor and the founder of Papa John's for their work on the Founders Series. And our programming team gets to work on sweet mobile apps and learn to code cool websites, such as,, and our main

Team Alpha at STLP

What We Need

We're looking for anyone who wants to have fun and follow Rule #4: "Always do something awesome over something not awesome." Our primary needs are for people interested in video, web development, and graphic design. We also need event coordinators, social media whizzes, marketing and PR people, as well as writers for our blogs.

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Why You Should Join

In addition to the free t-shirt, Team Alpha provides you with an opportunity to improve your skills, portfolio and network. Our goal is to assure you the best experience by helping you achieve your goals whether that is getting into your dream school or working for your favorite company. Also, if you're good enough, you can get a sweet nickname like Melo, Cool, Fresh, Rush, and Nerf did.


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