Coding Club Level 1

Do you have a student at home who enjoys spending time on the computer, could play Minecraft for hours, or has done the Hour of Code at school?

The Coding Club is the place to take that interest in technology, and turn it into a productive skill. Designed for boys and girls in elementary and middle school who want to try out programming, the Coding Club is a fun way to learn to code in a social, after-school setting. Students are taught to code using the popular Scratch programming language from MIT. We make a series of video game and animation projects, which we use to help students learn the core concepts of coding and computer science.

Flappy Cat project in MIT Scratch

The Coding Club meets one evening a week for 90 minutes, with 13 weeks of classes in the Spring and Fall. The Club starts on a new project every four weeks, so the fun and the knowledge keeps on building. Sign up with friends, or meet new people with similar interests. No prior programming experience is required, but students should be comfortable using a mouse, keyboard, and web browser.

Coding Club Outcomes:

  • Learn to apply computational thinking to solve problems
  • Create your own programs and video games using MIT Scratch
  • Meet other students learning to code

Instructional Team:

Nick Such

Founder of Awesome Inc U, Awesome Labs, and BuildingLayer.

Brian Raney

Founder of APAX Software and Awesome Inc
iOS and Web Instructor


Yes. Each student will need to provide his/her own laptop for the course. Microsoft Windows-based PC's, Apple macOS computers, or Google Chromebooks will work, but iPads will not work for this course. We recommend a laptop made within the past 3-4 years. Computers should be free from viruses/malware. We have a very limited number of rental laptops available for $25/day, which can be reserved online.

No prior programming experience is required, but students should be comfortable typing and using a web browser!

This course is capped at 12 students, so be sure to reserve your spot!

The Coding Club is designed for students ages 9-12 (approx. 4th - 7th grade). Please inquire if your student doesn't fit that age range but you still want him/her to participate -

There is a one-week gap between sessions 3 and 4 due to Fayette Co. Schools Spring Break.

Find it's not a good fit? No problem. We'll refund any unused portion, no questions asked.

Awesome Inc U is devoted to teaching coding skills. It’s never too early or too late to learn how to code. You don’t have to be a genius to learn to code, you just need to be determined. Check out what some of our past students have to say!