Top Takeaways from the Unbridled Spirit book

Garrett Fahrbach

Garrett Fahrbach

Mar 9, 2020

Two years ago, we brought together some of KY’s top entrepreneurs to put their wisdom into writing. We published Unbridled Spirit as a result and below Garrett Fahrbach gives you the top takeaways!


My advice to new entrepreneurs is to think early on about the possibility of taking your passion, energy, and knowledge and doing something with it. There are so many kids in Kentucky who don’t think this way… To create something significant and unique, you must be willing to take a risk, work hard, make good deals, and show up.

-Dr. Lee Todd (pg. 94-95)

We all love stories and we all learn some of our best lessons from them. It’s no secret that entrepreneurship and scaling a business is no easy work. SO STOP!


Our roadmap to success within the Commonwealth points to the entrepreneurs who have been inducted into the Kentucky Entrepreneur Hall of Fame. They have experienced every type of feeling, every type of victory, but most of all, they’ve experienced many losses and made mistakes. The important thing is they learned from every single one.

One thing we often hear from people is how they’re struggling to believe in themselves. We wanted to share a bit of wisdom from Bill Samuels and Davis Marksbury because they are both right.

The main thing we learned is that you must have confidence in what you’re doing.

Bill Samuels (pg. 140)

First of all, you have to believe in yourself and your ideas. You have to look ahead and see an opportunity for a new product while knowing others probably see similar opportunities.

Davis Marksbury (pg. 82)

As an entrepreneur, a business owner, a self-started, fill in the blank, you have to control your mindset! It takes discipline to be successful and we need to remember that we have to believe in what we’re doing to push through the times when we’re frustrated or discouraged.

If you have any interest in learning more about life and business wisdom from some of Kentucky’s finest, check out Unbridled Spirit.

It’s available on Amazon and Audible, or swing by Awesome Inc to visit the Kentucky Entrepreneur Hall of Fame’s physical location and grab a copy.