Seven Ways to Get Plugged Into Lexington’s Startup Scene

Liz Brown Evans

Liz Brown Evans

Nov 21, 2019

Known internationally for horses, bourbon, and basketball, Central KY is now making its mark in a different world - startups and technology.

In 2019, Lexington was rated one of the top 10 cities in the US for entrepreneurs and in this year alone, Kentucky companies that accelerated through Awesome Inc’s Fellowship Program have raised $12m. As we mentioned, things are happening. So much so that KY Innovation, the state’s entrepreneurship and innovation enterprise, has invested more than $1M into the Lexington community to encourage growth.

So, why do you care and what does that mean to you?

Well, are you an entrepreneur, investor, developer, or a curious and passionate person who cares about things that matter?

Then you should get involved. And we’re here to help (you can thank us later)!

  1. Check out the StartupLEX website, join the newsletter, and engage the community via Slack.

StartupLEX is the primary guide and entry point to help you find your place in Lexington’s ecosystem. It’s a one-stop-shop for all activities, resources, and connections you need to make. We even made a Guidebook to house all the info! Sign up for the newsletter to get the free download!

  1. Follow these people on Twitter (see Twitter list here)

@awesome_inc (we had to)

@middletechpod - weekly podcast on all things news and tech in KY and beyond.

@locateinlex - Commerce Lex

@kyinnovation - The state of KY’s entrepreneurship and innovation enterprise within the Cabinet for Economic Development

@kentuckygse - KY Governor’s School for Entrepreneurship

@uk_otc - UK’s Office of Tech and Commercialization

@ukyeclub - University of Kentucky’s Entrepreneurship Club

  1. Attend These Events

There are so many, but these are a great start. (To find all the others, sign up to download the Startup LEX Guidebook.)

Startup Breakfast - weekly event on Wednesday mornings, networking at DV8, a local favorite

5 Across - Lexington’s version of Shark Tanks, occurs every other month

SPARK Events - various events put on by Commerce Lexington

  1. Check Out a Coworking Space

We have quite a few around town: Again, the StartupLEX Guidebook has a list of them all. Here’s just a taste:

Awesome Inc


The Plantory

  1. Get your News Here

StartupLEX Newsletter


  1. Make an Introduction

The Lexington community operates out of a “Give First” mentality. That means that we always try to give before we ask. So - want to get connected to more of the right people? Start by introducing two people you know who share a similar passion or skill who should know each other! Show others that you’re willing to make connections and support the growth of our community.

  1. Ask To Grab Coffee

Be bold. Find someone who you want to learn from or collaborate with via Slack or send out an email asking for time. Pro tips - come with prepared questions and never, ever forget to write a thank-you note afterward.

We love Kentucky, and not just because of our superior basketball team (Do not @ us). We’re proud to be a part of a collaborative community that’s dedicated to creating a community where people pursue their definition of Awesome in the tech and startup space.

See you around!

--The Awesome Inc Team